Writing a law school personal statement examples

Both of my parents are trained solicitors and my father continues to practise, and I have been brought up in an environment in which legal questions are regularly discussed, in a house full of law books which I have been reading for most of my life. I soon came to understand how the law is the foundation stone on which civil society is built and how it allows ordinary people to live with peace of mind and free from many fears. The law attracts me too because of its variety; as a qualified lawyer there would be endless special areas for me to focus on, from commercial law to family law, and from intellectual property law to tax law.

Writing a law school personal statement examples

However, the questions often tend to be the most general because the University is looking to see what the candidate is capable of doing with such a vague personal statement prompt. Here are some common examples of topics for a law school personal statement: How have you endured adversity?

How can you fulfil the role of a diversity applicant? How have you matured? What have you learned from a mentor in your life? What event or issue has held importance or value for you and why?

What are you passionate about and why?

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How have you used any leadership skills to handle a problem or issue in your life? What coursework, experiences, or research related to law has motivated you and why? What law school or programme fits your goal?

What was the most important course or professor that has influenced you and why? What personal skills, hobbies, or activities can make you an asset to the legal community and why? What pivotal experiences or life events have influenced you to pursue a legal career?

What is this service?

How has helping the community or volunteering been an important part of your life and what experience in particular has motivated you? Here is part of a law school personal statement sample: There I was, sitting across from a group of frustrated doctors who were tired and clearly not in the right frame of mind to hear what I had to say.

As a representative at a major pharmaceuticals company, I found myself in the position of facing this very skeptical audience and deliver the necessary facts that would convince them to consider the new drug that my company believed would help their patients.

writing a law school personal statement examples

They were not happy to be there and made it clear that they did not have more than a few minutes of time for me. By now, I was used to it as this was the same frosty reception that I had received time and time again as I delivered these presentations.

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However, I highly enjoyed having to turn these negatives into positives so much so that it became a personal challenge for me to see just how fast I could do it with the research and results I had to show them.

It taught me a lot about how to handle objections, ask probing questions, assess answers and think fast on my feet. As a result, I was named Rep of the Year two years in a row, something that had never been accomplished by a newcomer to the company.

I was attracted to the job not so much for these kinds of awards but for the simple fact that it seemed to be intellectually challenging and that I could apply my extensive science and business background to a different industry.

Although that was initially a very stimulating aspect of the job, I soon learned that it was repetitive and did not necessarily maintain that same level of intellectual stimulation.

This led me to ponder just where my next place would be in my career where I could apply such experience. That is when it hit me that a law degree would be a logical next step, considering my scientific background, business acumen, and ability to handle objections and argue my side in a rational manner.

In looking into various aspects of the law, I became intrigued with the field of medical law because it offered the challenge and intellectual pursuits that I yearned for whilst also addressing some very relevant and current situations that were challenging what is known about medical ethics.Law school personal statements can be reviewed at Peers Advisors at Sweetland Center for Writing, and LSA Academic Advising () This self reflection exercise may aid you in your preparation to writing a law school personal statement.

Writing a Personal Statement to Show You’re a Perfect Fit for a Course “Write my personal statement well, please, so I could get that course spot stress-free ” The . Yes, your final personal statement will be between words and 4 pages depending on each law school’s specifications. Most law schools want pages.

And yes, this is double-spaced. Throughout this issue, countless examples show why we are so proud of the students at the law school. One might think that we get lucky that the students the admissions office chose for their academic accomplishments also turn out to be incredible members of our community, but it’s really all by design.

The Most Important Parts of Your SoP for Law School. Everybody knows the main rule of writing a statement of purpose: it should be unique. So you need to express yourself in the best way, your paper should original and professional.

Remember, that when it comes to writing a personal statement, you should put to paper only the most valuable points for your future profession. Discard all the irrelevant details, and keep your style vivid and unique – an appropriate personal statement is a bright reflection of your personality!

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