Story of a hero by r k narayan

Early life[ edit ] R. Narayan was born in Madras now ChennaiBritish India. Narayan was the oldest of the sons; his younger brother Ramachandran later became an editor at Gemini Studiosand the youngest brother Laxman became a cartoonist.

Story of a hero by r k narayan

There are viruses in Dodge Pond, too, most of which infect its bacteria. I recently met that man.

Story of a hero by r k narayan

We headed into his office, Khodadoust walking slowly and guardedly. All things considered, Khodadoust seemed in good health — certainly good enough to chat for two hours about OMKO1, about his illness, about his long career transplanting corneas and training new doctors.

During our conversation, he would sometimes carefully rise from his chair to lead me down hallways so that he could show me fading framed photographs chronicling his work at Johns Hopkins and Yale, as well as in Shiraz, the Iranian city where he was born and to which he returned to build an eye hospital.

Inall that came to a halt. The whole procedure went off without a hitch, after which Khodadoust went home to recover. But things quickly went south.

Within 48 hours, he had developed a raging fever and had to be rushed back to the hospital. When surgeons opened his chest, they discovered that an infection had destroyed his sternum, and his chest cavity was filled with blood and pus. There was a moss-green patch on his aorta.

It had to be an infection with a common species of bacteria called Pseudomonas aeruginosa. When they were finally done, they protected his heart with a fatty membrane from his abdomen and then closed the gap where his sternum had been with muscle and skin.

They doubted he would survive long. When Khodadoust thinks back to that time, he remembers being in absolute darkness. He felt he was being given a choice. To be or not to be? I pictured my children, I pictured my wife. Tears in their eyes. But now Narayan and the other doctors had to fight the infection that had nearly killed their patient.

Pseudomonas aeruginosa is harmless to healthy people, but it can be deadly for anyone with a weakened immune system. People with cystic fibrosis can get Pseudomonas aeruginosa infections in their lungs, which can lead to fatal pneumonia.

Khodadoust may have gotten infected by a tiny patch of bacteria that grew on the mesh used to fix his aorta. Narayan and his colleagues prescribed a heavy course of antibiotics to get rid of the infection. It reacted to the infection by creating a tunnel-like cavity called a fistula that formed a hole on the surface of his chest.

His Pseudomonas colonized the fistula, too. After three months on antibiotics in the hospital, Khodadoust was allowed to go home. He still had a major infection, which required him to keep an IV port in his chest. Three times a day he had to take a massive dose of antibiotics to keep the bacteria at bay.

Yet the microbes would still manage to overwhelm the drugs from time to time, causing sepsis and sending him back to the hospital for even more aggressive treatments.

Narayan and his colleagues ruled out any more surgery. If they tried to take out the infected plastic mesh or close the fistula, they might spread the infection around even more and kill him.D odge Pond, which sits on the outskirts of East Lyme, Conn., is an ordinary New England lake.

It’s home to fish like bluegill and alewife, along with smaller organisms like water fleas, algae. Revolution is the story of three childhood friends: Gopal, Raghav, and Aarthi.

The story is setup in the holy-city of Varanasi. Gopal and Raghav are schoolmates from the . Introduction. The hero, by R.

Indian Mythology Rituraj shrivastav March 5,3:

K. Narayan, is a story about a boy who is afraid to sleep alone but is forced to do so by his father. But at the end of the day he emerges as a hero. Feluda (Bengali: ফেলুদা), or Prodosh Chandra Mitra (Bengali: প্রদোষ চন্দ্র মিত্র), who also uses the Anglicised name Pradosh C.

Story of a hero by r k narayan

Mitter, is a fictional Bengali private investigator starring in a series of Bengali novels of Indian fictional detective novels and short stories written by Indian Bengali film director and writer Satyajit Ray.

The Series. The Alix London Series, by Charlotte and Aaron Elkins--With good reason, she's called the Art Whisperer, but her unique and dangerous talent is as likely to get her in big trouble as it is to help her solve art crimes..

The Gideon Oliver Series, by Aaron Elkins-- Aaron's Skeleton Detective is the father of the forensic genre, having first appeared in at the age of Alauddin Khilji was one of the most brutal humans to have been ever born on earth.

He ascended the throne by killing his father-in-law cum uncle and carrying his head on a spear inside Delhi on holy Ramazan.. Like Akbar the Great, he also considered himself to be a Prophet and forced Qazis to give religious approvals to his whims and fetishes.

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