Smu mba sem 4 banking summer

Kindly note that answers for 10 marks questions should be approximately of words. Each question is followed by evaluation scheme. Explain the main factors of that are analyzed in detail by the credit rating agencies. Credit Ratings are assigned by rating agencies to companies and debt instruments, are designed to gauge the likelihood that a company will default on its obligations to creditors.

Smu mba sem 4 banking summer

Explain the concept of merchant banking. Give a small introduction on book building and write about the methods and guidelines for book building. Concept of merchant banking, Introduction on book building, Methods and guidelines for book building 3, 3, 4 Answer: Merchant Banking Merchant banking is an essential service provided by financial institutions that help in the growth of corporate sector, which eventually reflects in the overall growth and economic development of the country.

Explain the whole concept of issue management which includes pre-issue and post issue management. Introduction of issue management, Pre-issue management, Post- issue management 2, 4, 4 Answer: Introduction of issue management Issue management is an important function of merchant bankers and lead managers.

It helps the corporate clients to raise funds from the capital market. Issue management is the management of issues for raising funds using different types of instruments.

In India, merchant bankers perform activities related to management of Q3. Financial services are of several kinds. Financial services are divided into two extensive categories. Explain in detail both the categories of financial services.

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Complete explanation of fund based services, complete explanation of fee based services Answer: Get fully solved assignment, plz drop a mail with your sub code computeroperator4 gmail. Financial services enable mobility and allocation of savings through the transformation of savings into investments.

A well functioning financial system provides better financial services which empowers individuals, integrates with the economy, contributes Q4. Give the difference between Bank Vs Depository. Explain the functions performed by depository. Differences between bank and depository, Functions performed by depository 4, 6 Answer: Differences between bank and depository A depository is an organisation which maintains the securities of a shareholder in an electronic format, and helps the transfer of ownership of securities on the settlement dates.

A depository system provides the following services: Give the introduction of leasing with an example. Explain all the four types of leasing. Introduction of leasing with example, Explanation all the four types of leasing 3, 7 Answer: Introduction of leasing Lease is a contractual agreement between the lessor owner and the lessee tenant for an asset.Performance Appraisal in Banking Sector by Ekta Bhatia.

Feedback Final. Smu Mba Sem 4 Hr Summer Assignments. Hrm in Psm Rlshp With TQM Succes. Smu Mba Sem 4 Hr Summer Assignments. Uploadé par. smu mba solved assignments. Hrm in Psm Rlshp With TQM Succes.

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Uploadé par. Winny Shiru Machira. Sikkim manipal Solved MBA Assignments, SMU MBA, Solved assignments, 1st sem, 2nd sem, 3rd sem, 4th sem, SMU MBA PROJECTS. SMU (Sikkim Manipal University) DE BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)/MBA (Master of Business Administration)/PGDBA (Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration) and MCA – Master of Computer Applications PGDCA – Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications (CS) – Master of Science in Computer Science Solved Assignments.

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Satavahana University MBA 1st Sem/ MBA IInd Sem Exam Fee Notification Satavahana University MCA/ 1st Sem/ IInd Sem Exam Fee Notification Sikkim Manipal University Results (SMU Results ) The University was established in accordance with the Sikkim Manipal University of Health, Medical and Technological.

The Sikkim Manipal University exam schedule/Time Table The students studying in Sikkim Manipal University here is a very good news for all those students who are waiting for their exam date sheet as we will provide all the information related to the exam scheme in this publication.

Latest; MBA Sem- I; MBA Sem- II; is an institution assisting SMU students of.

Smu mba sem 4 banking summer

1st year of mba of this university sample question papers for sikkim manipal university msc it 1st and 2nd sem is sikkim manipal university is good for bca - - [ most.

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