Goals of pantaloons

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Goals of pantaloons

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Goals of pantaloons

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This may be an insight Bringing us closer to following your advice.Pantaloon Retail (India) limited was the very first to introduce the concept of the departmental store in retail sector for the complete members of the family through Pantaloons.

Pantaloon Retail (India) also launched hypermarket in India as Big Bazaar, a big discount store and it also launched Food Bazaar. Pantaloon Retail is the flagship company of Future Group, a business group catering to the entire Indian consumption space.

FUTURE GROUP: Future Group is India’s leading business group that caters to the entire Indian consumption space.5/5(7). Application. I applied through a staffing agency.

I interviewed at Pantaloon Retail (Gurgaon, Haryana) in July Interview. first hr conducted interview on phone then i was called for face to face roung with regional vm north then 2 more rounds with regional vm north and then i got clear with same.

Pantaloons reserves the right to refuse membership to an applicant without assigning any reason. Pantaloons reserves the right to terminate membership on grounds of misuse or fraud. Membership to this program is restricted to . As of April , Future Group has 60% stake in the partnership.

Skechers. Skechers entered India through a JV with Future Group in Celio. French fashion Celio entered Indian markets in through a joint venture with Future Group's then Retail hand, Pantaloons Retails India Ltd (now Future Retail Ltd).Type: Private.

A voluntary, spontaneous and relentless pursuit of goals and objectives with the highest level of energy and enthusiasm. Seamlessness: Thinking and working together across functional groups, hierarchies, businesses and geographies.

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