German work experience coursework

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German work experience coursework

German work experience coursework

Application requirements Preferably between years old. Good command of German min. Good command of English. Minimum stay in Austria: Health and liability insurance documents European insurance card or private insurance necessary on arrival.

Lessons in grammar and conversation help you with syntax and vocabulary building. You practice formal and informal letter writing and work on listening and reading comprehension. We organize special talks, discussions and videos on Austrian music, art, literature, history and architecture.

Films, tours of the many sights of Vienna, parties and sports all form part of the programme. We will consider preferences as far as possible. Most of the job placements offered by ActiLingua are in Vienna, Salzburg or tourist resorts in the Alps.

Placement at an Austrian company: Evaluation and final report by the employer. Application Procedure To apply for Work Experience please send us: Registration form for the German course. Curriculum Vitae resume in German or English.

Letter of motivation Why do you want to do the job? Application form for paid or unpaid work experience.

German work experience coursework

Health and liability insurance must be contracted by the students. We will confirm the receipt of your application. Our confirmation will also include information on the telephone interview between the student and the ActiLingua Placement Officer.

Please call the ActiLingua Placement Officer within 5 days of receiving our confirmation. Allocation You can collect your job confirmation from the ActiLingua school office 4 weeks before commencement of employment. It includes precise details of your workplace, starting time and conditions.I work primarily with teenagers, but I also have prior experience tutoring GED students in various subjects.

Besides tutoring students in German, my main love is writing and literature and helping students working on their papers/speeches/etc.

The School of Social Work offers programs leading to the M.S.W. and the Ph.D. degrees. Admission into the M.S.W. program is based on an evaluation of the applicant's transcripts, references, written statement of interest in the field, Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores, prior experience, and readiness to undertake graduate .

This evening study undergraduate degree in German will give you a near-fluent command of German and a critical knowledge and previous work experience. We may waive formal entry requirements based on judgement of academic potential.

, reading books and journal articles, undertaking research, working on coursework and assignments, and. Include any work experience you've done and how that has (not) helped you come to that decision.

- Talk about negative aspects of your job and how you might cope with those things. - Come to a conclusion in a few sentences, perhaps saying that although the job is hard/stressful etc, the positive outweighs the negatives and it is your dream or whatever.

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You will develop the language and cultural awareness skills necessary for work or study in German-speaking countries.

During your coursework, you will combine practice in reading, listening, speaking and writing about themes of general interest and about topics related to business and other professions.

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