Ethical issues on child abuse

Child Abuse Link to Abortion By ensuring that unwanted pregnancies ended in abortion, legal abortion was supposed to reduce certain social ills that resulted from neglectful parenthood, such as child abuse. Child abuse rates have risen steadily over recent years and several studies indicate a possible link with abortion. It has been found that unwanted children are not more often abused than wanted children.

Ethical issues on child abuse

Gretchen is a social worker who discovers during counseling that her client, Carly, was sexually abused by her father. Now if Carly was a minor, Gretchen would know that she would have a legal obligation to report this abuse to child protective services.

Carly, however, is 24 years old, and the laws of her state do not specifically require social workers to report past abuse if the survivor is now an adult.

Gretchen faces an ethical dilemma, however, because Carly disclosed in strict confidence that she was abused and does not want Gretchen to tell anyone else, least of all the police or child protection authorities.

What considerations should she take into account when deciding what to do? These exceptions include consent of the client, clear and immediate danger, and otherwise required by law. Gretchen may, therefore, provide Carly with information and other support, so Carly can consider her options more fully.

For instance, she may not be familiar with what happens during an abuse investigation, fearing that a report to the police will lead to immediate and broad publication of her case. She may not know of legal and procedural protections afforded to survivors of sex-related crimes.

Assume, however, that even with such information and support, Carly still resists reporting her father. As noted above, the Code of Ethics does not authorize Gretchen to release confidential information for safety concerns unless there is a risk of serious, imminent harm.

Carly says that her father does not live with or have immediate access to other minors, so Gretchen cannot say there is risk of serious, imminent harm. Also, in terms of nonmaleficence, Gretchen realizes that reporting the abuse may have a negative impact on her social work relationship with Carly.

Carly may feel betrayed by Gretchen and therefore terminate services. Even if reporting the abuse may help protect other children, should Gretchen have the right to impose certain risks on Carly?

On balance, given the facts of the case as interpreted by Gretchen, she decides to permit Carly to decide whether or not to report the abuse. In the meantime, Gretchen is supporting a decision that her client believes is best.

Ethical issues on child abuse

Gretchen notes further that had the situation varied in certain aspects, her decisions might be different. If Carly had younger siblings living with her father, for instance, she might need to report the abuse in order to protect the children.

If Carly lived in a state that legally required social workers to report past abuse even though the survivor is no longer a minor, she would have more impetus to make the report.

She still feels anxiety about her decision, but recognizes that feeling some anxiety is actually a good sign when faced with an ethical dilemma that has no clear-cut, perfect solution for all the stakeholders.The act of reporting child abuse remains a moral and ethical dilemma.

It not only requires that nursing and healthcare professionals remain astute activists with the intent to protect the child, but to provide help for the suspected abuser, as well. Children may be abused physically, sexually, emotionally and by omission or commission in any permutation under these headings.

This is discussed in terms of the separate and overlapping responsibilities of parents, guardians, the community in which they . 21st National Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect (NCCAN) The 21st NCCAN will be held from April , , in Washington, DC.

The conference theme is "Strong and Thriving Families.". Training. Wisconsin law requires all employees of Wisconsin public school districts to report suspected child abuse and neglect, Wis. Stat. sec. (2)(a)16m. Ethical Issues in the Legal System Sexual abuse of children refers to sexual behavior between a child and an adult or between two children when one of them is significantly older or uses coercion.

The . Explore common ethical issues associated with the identification and prevention of child abuse.

Ethical issues on child abuse

Examine critically the moral responsibilities of nurses and the broader nursing profession in regard to the mandatory and voluntary notification of child abuse.

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