Culture shock a review of vietnamese

History[ edit ] The oldest love poem. Sumerian terracotta tablet from Nippur, Iraq.

Culture shock a review of vietnamese

Once hostilities had ended the British handed over the territory to the French. French colonialism and the First Indochina War[ edit ] Main article: By the s, the French had expanded their sphere of influence in Southeast Asia to include all of Vietnam, and by both Laos and Cambodia had become French colonies as well.

Prior to their attack on Pearl Harborthe Japanese occupied French Indochinabut left civil administration to the Vichy French administration.

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The Japanese surrender in August created a power vacuum in Indochina, as the various political factions scrambled for control. The war itself involved numerous events that had major impacts throughout Indochina.

Two major conferences were held to bring about a resolution. Finally, on July 20,the Geneva Conference resulted in a political settlement to reunite the country, signed with support from China, Russia, and Western European powers.

During the initial stages of the First Indochina War with France, the recently founded communist People's Republic of China continued the Russian mission to expand communism.

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Therefore, they aided the Viet Minh and became the connector between Soviets and the Vietminh. This was one of the reasons for China to cut the arms support for the Viet Minh. Mao Zedong believed the new Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev had made a serious error in his Secret Speech denouncing Stalin in Februaryand criticized the Soviet Union's interpretation of Marxism—Leninismin particular Khrushchev's support for peaceful co-existence and its interpretation.

This led to increasingly hostile relations, and eventually the Sino-Soviet split. From here, Chinese communists played a decreasing role in helping their former allies because the Viet Minh did not support China against the Soviets.

Following the death of Mao in Septemberthe overthrow of the Gang of Four and the ascent of Deng Xiaopingthe Chinese leadership would revise its own positions to become compatible with market aspects, denounce the Cultural Revolutionand collaborate with the US against the Soviet Union.

Vietnam War As France withdrew from a provisionally divided Vietnam in latethe United States increasingly stepped in to support the South Vietnamese leaders due to the Domino theorywhich theorized that if one nation would turn to communism, the surrounding nations were likely to fall like dominoes and become communist as well.

The Soviet Union and North Vietnam became important allies together due to the fact that if South Vietnam was successfully taken over by North Vietnam, then communism in the far east would find its strategic position bolstered.

In the eyes of the People's Republic of China, the growing Soviet-Vietnamese relationship was a disturbing development; they feared an encirclement by the less-than-hospitable Soviet sphere of influence.

Culture shock a review of vietnamese

The United States and the Soviet Union could not agree on a plan for a proposed election meant to unify the partitioned Vietnam.

Instead, the South held a separate election that was widely considered fraudulent, leading to continued internal conflict with communist factions led by the Viet Cong that intensified through the late s.

With supplies and support from the Soviet Union, North Vietnamese forces became directly involved in the ongoing guerrilla war by and openly invaded the South in The United States played an ever-increasing role in supporting South Vietnam through the period.

Culture shock a review of vietnamese

ByoverAmerican troops were involved in the Vietnam War. Due to a lack of clear military success and facing increasingly strident opposition to the war in the U. The People's Republic of China started talks with the United States in the early s, culminating in high level meetings with Henry Kissinger and later Richard Nixon.

These meetings contributed to a re-orientation of Chinese foreign policy toward the United States. China provided extensive political, logistical and military support for the Khmer Rouge during its rule.Sino-Vietnamese War (Third Indochina War) Part of the Third Indochina War and the Cold War: Vietnamese artillery bombarding Chinese troops, 23 February Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more.

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Vietnamese Culture Books. A nice variety of books on Vietnamese culture - present and influences from the past.

At least one book on Vietnamese culture is essential reading for anyone traveling to Vietnam or who wishes to know more about Vietnamese culture, practices and customs.

Review: 8 August La Fille mal gardée' Patricia Boccadoro on the Paris Opera Ballet's production of Sir Frederick Ashton’s version of La Fille Mal Gardée.. Review. (Nguyen D: Culture shock-A review of Vietnamese culture and its concepts of health and disease [Cross-cultural Medicine].

West J Med Mar; ) April through February , about million Indochinese refugees fled their homelands. Nigerian culture shock often precedes one’s departure. There is no doubt that Nigeria has a fearsome reputation for kidnappings, corruption and political unrest, all reported as common occurrences.

It's therefore natural that expats may be concerned for their welfare before arriving in the country. Nigeria's largest cities, Lagos and Abuja, are congested, .

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