Celine nats1775 bad science book report

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Celine nats1775 bad science book report

Sunday, June 24, Book Review: In case you live under a rock and are thus unaware the premise of Jurassic Park is that scientists develop a way to pull dinosaur blood samples out of mosquitoes fossilized in amber. The blood is used to decode the genetic sequence for a variety of dinosaurs and they are then grown and hatched in a lab.

An eccentric billionaire funds the project because he believes he can make billions by using the dinosaurs as the main attraction in a theme park. What could go wrong genetically recreating dinosaurs for a modern day tourist attraction? Everyone involved in the project thinks nothing could go wrong, yet things do go awry on the island where the theme park is built causing much dinosaur related havoc.

Still, even in our current age of high speed genome sequencing I think the warnings in Jurassic Park continue to hold true.

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They doubt the intelligence of the life forms they create and their ability to adapt. The desire to profit off the dinosaurs is the main priority, leading to a lack of understanding about them and the process that created them.

Living in an age of even more advanced scientific ability, I think remembering that there can always be unexpected outcomes with any scientific experiment is important. I am a firm supporter of genomic research, but the key word there is research. Creating a profitable enterprise like the one in Jurassic Park shifts the priority from understanding to economics.

Understanding should always be the goal with scientific inquiry and processes, because if we are going to use technology to manipulate, change, or create we need a firm grasp on the what and the how.

Ultimately I think what I took away from Jurassic Park was a sense of respect for science and nature. Why we do things matters as much if not more so than just our base ability to do them. While I know obviously that Jurassic Park is a work of fiction, I think it gives a reader a lot to think about regarding research and real-world applications, even after so many years.

It is also pretty entertaining, the plot is great but the characters are also well developed and it is definitely action packed. I now need to find the time to watch the movieand read The Lost World.

Have you actually read Jurassic Park? Just seen the movie?

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How old were you? What did you think?Celine has 17 books on Goodreads, and recently added The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky.

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Celine nats1775 bad science book report
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